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GST billing software is a real time/online platform that allows bills from our approved supplier to be created automatically on a subscribed schedule and this helps in preventing digital transactions from unapproved billing and wrong billing. GST billing software is a software process that will give us all kinds of support and helps you need to know about your GST return information. Gather, file, and analyze information with ease, to make sure you get things….

GST Billing Software exactly what you want…?? GST billing software that helps you track and manage anybody’s business process of bills/invoices.

Definition of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a customised software for computer applications which organizations use to manage and run day-to-day business activities like accounting, procurement, production management, project management, risk management and internal audit, sales, marketing, manpower management, tool room management and supply chain management. A complete ERP software package also includes enterprise performance management, software that helps plan, operational expenses, capital expenses, other recurring expenses budget, target predict, and report on an organization’s financial results.ERP systems tied up together is a backbone of any business processes, challenges which enable us the uninterrupted, smooth & trouble free flow of data. While reconciling an organization’s shared transactional data from multiple sources, ERP systems completely eliminate data loss, data corruption, data duplication and provide data integrity with a single gate way of trust with reliability. Currently ERP systems are critical for managing tons of businesses of multiple sizes, various capacities, volumes and in all industries. To manage these business activities seamless and smooth in companies, ERP is as indispensable as the river water that keeps flowing forward without looking back and flowing back.

Production Planning & controlling Software

Production Planning and controlling software (PPC SOFTWARE) is almost same while allocating materials to respective production lines, machinery, employees and other resources. Some unique differences differentiates the two.

Production Scheduling/Planning

  • Explains about individual finished task or stock in hand units..
  • Times spans between 30 days and sixty months at the most.
  • Co-ordinates between all available resources to define priorities and deliverables quick handling times.

Production Planning
  • This specific process initiates the quantities desired to fulfil a group of stock keeping units (SKU’s).
  • Varies from 30 days and sixty months typically.
  • A bulk of data’s from bill of materials (BOMs) to distribute materials to main assembly line and sub-assembly production lines.

E-stock variants in Warehouse Management System (WMS)

We often find it difficult to keep trace & track of what we have in stock and how do we to find it & where? There comes E-stock WMS the only answer with accuracy of Automated Data Collection, Perfection, Trouble Free & Proper Database Management Our E-stock WMS will help you increase accuracy and integrate your stock information straight into any application software with ease. So, you always have a perfect & accurate view of your warehouse operations. With e-stock WMS stock is perfect control is carried out through wireless & unattended barcode scanning device. Through our WMS using simple, intuitive screens users are taken through our WMS processes. our system has been specifically designed to cut down on the need for training.

E-stock Dedicated & Committed for Workforce Management

E-stock application for Workforce Management each one of you will have everything you all require to have your back end staffs and sales force when they’re out of the office. Every moment of your business activity will be connected & counted throughout the working hours, each & everyone always has to have all the information they need at any moment of times on their finger tips. And every one always have a 100% accurate view of business operations. However, E-stock doesn’t just controls your workforce. It also controls your entire product & its lifecycle – from sales budgeting a job, through controlled production, managing Finance & accounts, Raw material stores, Finished goods stores and after sales support services through our committed service level agreements.

E-stock WMS for Supply Chain & Logistics

Some of our product performance of the last few years have shown us just how vital it is for a business to be accept our products and services to business environment to survive competitively. We all need to serve our customers quickly – wherever they are!If you’ve found it’s been a struggle to face the competition and to meet demand; Then we are worried and we have solution; that are not able to operate as smoothly as you require, profitably and result oriented as you’d like to, then it’s time to take deep breath think aggressively and positively with a mission, vision and goal.The key subject to being able to enhance your business operations quickly, smartly and faster while keeping your customers pleasant is automation. Its high time to implement AUTO IDENTIFICATION & DATA CAPTURING TECHNOLOGY ( Implement Barcode applications.).With E-stock for Distribution from NEXT WHAT INDIA AUTOMATION the only positive decision you take is to confirm the delivery via a smartly configured handheld & automated device in the warehouse. Everything else is automated so completing & competing a transaction is completely effortless & seamless.Well now you can track & trace inventory, monitor prospects & customer demand, distribute your goods and access supplier schedules all from within a single window.

What is a barcode system..??

A barcode system is a combination of hardware, software, media & consumables; label printer, scanner/reader, labels & thermal transfer ribbons, which are used to print data’s required on labels, scanners used to bar-coded data’s on media/labels and automatically collect data’s.Truly speaking barcodes scanning are used wherever there is repeated key board data entries. Barcode scanning completely eliminates manual intervention; it’s a total replacement of key board entries in short. Scanning barcodes are vital for data entries because of faster data entries without human errors, faster data entries and accurate data entry. Barcode applications are highly useful for ware house applications, supply chain management & logistics, Point of Sales, utility applications, Work in progress, Quality control, Pathological labs, Patient tracking, record room management, asset management, vehicle tracking and many more…!!

What is basic barcode label designing software..??

A basic label designing software will teach & assist every user in creating a label designing with and without barcodes, normal human readable texts, logos, wash care signs for eg; shipping labels, taffeta ribbons, satin ribbons, product labels and designing barcodes on pre-printed multi coloured labels. A barcode label designing software every time helps Microsoft office, excel etc., Barcode software is a latest Auto Identification & Data capturing Technology which has already eliminated legacy way of manual data entry in registers and books. Today many business enterprise, manufacturing units, retail business units & many leading industrial units have accepted this technology and capitalising the return on investment very efficiently and intelligently at a very economically.

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